What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance, also referred to as cyber liability insurance, covers a broad range of risks including data loss, breaches and software attacks. Cyber insurance can also cover tech-related threats and loss of data which results in lost, stolen or tampered-with information. Cyber polices continue to grow in popularity amongst small business owners who conduct business online and face increasing virtual threats and risks.

What does cyber cover?

Data Breach

In the event that someone gains unauthorized access to sensitive or confidential business information, a cyber liability policy would cover the costs associated with defending or correcting these breaches

System Hacks

Any business regardless of its size faces cyber security threats. If a cyber-criminal gains access to your business' private infrastructure or back-end system, associated financial losses for your business or a third-party can be covered.


If malicious malware is installed on your business devices or back-end system, financial losses associated with regaining access can be covered under a cyber insurance policy

Who needs cyber insurance?

Many business owners think that cyber insurance is solely meant for large organizations. If your business transacts online and deals with large amounts of data or confidential information, a cyber liability policy is a crucial way to provide protection and security from the growing number of cyber threats

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Small Business Owner

Managing your own business means you have enough on your plate.

E-Commerce Merchant

Selling online is hard enough without having to think about what else can go wrong.


Don't let unnecessary business risks make your founder journey bumpier than it needs to be.


Freelancing is all about keeping things simple and focusing on what you do best.

Why is a cyber policy important?

Regardless of industry or size, a cyber liability policy can protect your business from common digital risks associated with conducting business online and storing confidential information. Recently, various businesses and potential clients have begun to require proof of cyber liability insurance. A cyber liability policy can help cover digital risks that your business may not have anticipated.

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What other kinds of business insurance do I need?

Bodily Injury

Someone other than you (or an employee) is injured and your business is responsible for medical, legal and damages.

Third-Party Property Damage

Customer property is damaged by you (or an employee).

Advertising and Reputational Injury

Your business is accused of copyright infringement, malicious prosecution, slander, libel, wrongful eviction and violating a person's privacy.

Product Liability

Products developed or sold by your business harm people or property, and your business is responsible for legal and medical expenses.

Cyber insurance FAQs

Are there any requirements for cyber liability insurance?
Insurance requirements vary by state and industry. However, your business can be exposed to a high level of cyber risk if you are not properly protected. You may also lose potential clients and customers if you are asked to show proof of insurance and are not able to provide evidence of coverage. In short, although it might not be legally required, a cyber liability policy is crucial to protect your business from everyday virtual threats
Does cyber liability cover cyber ransom and attacks?
This depends on your insurance carrier. But in most cases the insurance company will cover the cost of the ransom rather than dispute the cyber attack
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