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Small business insurance FAQs

Why do I need business insurance?
Every business will require some level of insurance coverage either due to state laws or because of general business practices. The most basic levels of insurance coverage every business has is General Liability and Workers Compensation coverage, which protects you from the most common financial risks and state requirements.
What kind of businesses does Coverdash provide coverage for?
Coverdash specializes in providing coverage for all types of businesses, regardless of your industry or size.
How long does it take to get covered?
You can obtain quotes and purchase your policy within minutes. Timing of coverage varies based on the complexity of your specific business and the coverage you're requesting, but typically coverage is put into effect instantly.
Is business insurance tax deductible?
Yes, business insurance is tax deductible given that is a cost of doing business.
How can I get access to certificates of insurance?
You can instantly access your existing certificates or generate new ones at any time when you log into your personal dashboard. Best part is that it is totally free!
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